About Asif Irtiza Hussain

Thank you for being here! First, please allow me to introduce myself. I am a 23 year (at 2013) old guy, living in a small town (or should I say a village with great internet connectivity?) in Bangladesh. Through much trial and error I have developed my skills & expertise and now I can say that “I know what it takes to earn a decent income devoting my time in the internet.” As a fresh business graduate, I refused a lot of decent enough job offers to stay on this path. Now, I am ready to coach you!

Who am I?

asif-ppI believe that a person has many identities. Simply saying that “I am this” can not define a person. So here are my top few identities which I would like to share…

  • Bangladeshi freelancer. I have been freelancing since August 2010.
  • Business graduate. I have graduated from one of the top business schools of Bangladesh in 2013.
  • Mentor & trainer. I have been working with some young minds of Bangladesh, helping them to earn money online through freelancing. So far my success rate is 100%. Every one of them are making money online now. That makes me feel good. I am especially proud of Shakilah Binte Hasan, Tahmid Mozaffar & Muntasir Mahmud Aumio.
  • Serial entrepreneur. I can’t sit quietly without thinking of the next big business plan! One of my most profitable business is SmallTownKid.net. In June 2012 I established my very own ecommerce business which is doing great Insha Allah! I sold the business in April 2014. Currently I am working on a new type of service in Bangladesh. You can read more about it here.
  • Head hunter. I look for young talents (great business minds, web developers, designers, article writers, social media experts) in Bangladesh to work with. Are you skilled? Please contact me.
  • Affaliate Marketer. Affiliate marketing was a very new concept in Bangladesh even in 2013. To this date, I do not consider myself as an expert affiliate marketer, but I am trying to learn through my mistakes (and the mistakes of others).

What You Can Learn from This Blog

This blog is all about “No Bullshit Guide to Skill Building & Freelancing”

  • How to make money online through freelancing
  • How to make money through affiliate marketing and blogs
  • Freelancing tips and tutorials especially useful for the freelancers in Bangladesh, Philippines, India and Pakistan
  • How to continuesly build and increase your skills
  • Success stories of experienced freelancers that will motivate you
  • Free stuff that will help you to do your freelancing work more effeciently
  • And much more…

Share your thoughts!

7 responses to “About Asif Irtiza Hussain”

  1. I’m really amazed with what i’ve read about you. But you said you’re looking for young talented persons. Actually, I’m a full time pastor’s wife and i’m already fifty years of age. I’m not really good in computer but i want to have my job to earn money to support the church. One time when I opened my fb i saw your site and i’m really interested about it that’s why i made a comment but i felt i’m not fit with what you have requires and one more thing I don’t have no idea about jobsonline/freelancing. Now, if you are really true to your words that you are ready to coach me, it would be fine with me and I’m really appreciate it very much. Thanks for making a quick response. More power and Godbless you more.

    • irtiza104 says:


      Thank you so much for your comment on my blog (blog.smalltownkid.net). And, also I am very happy that you want to start working online to earn money for supporting the church. I wish you all the best.

      I would be happy to guide you through the learning process and help you get a better understanding about online freelancing. There are tons of clients who are looking to hire people over the internet and the job categories are also almost limitless. So to get you started, We will have to discuss and find your core competencies first. And then work from there.

      Please let me know when and how you want to get started. If you have any specific questions you can also ask me.

      Thank you

  2. Analou Buragay says:

    You have a sincere and trustworthy site! Thank you.

  3. Arman Shaharia says:

    i always looking for a team which i will work for! i have the basic knowledge about html, css, javascript, php, jquery, flash, mysql.. i attached myself with web developing since last year. i learned those because i’m interested in web developing, software developing and always wants to create something creative. but since last year i developed only one pages’ website!

  4. freelancerr says:

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