About Asif Irtiza Hussain

Thank you for being here! First, please allow me to introduce myself. I am a 23 year (at 2013) old guy, living in a small town (or should I say a village with great internet connectivity?) in Bangladesh. Through much trial and error I have developed my skills & expertise and now I can say that “I know what it takes to earn a decent income devoting my time in the internet.” As a fresh business graduate, I refused a lot of decent enough job offers to stay on this path. Now, I am ready to coach you!

Who am I?

asif-ppI believe that a person has many identities. Simply saying that “I am this” can not define a person. So here are my top few identities which I would like to share…

  • Bangladeshi freelancer. I have been freelancing since August 2010.
  • Business graduate. I have graduated from one of the top business schools of Bangladesh in 2013.
  • Mentor & trainer. I have been working with some young minds of Bangladesh, helping them to earn money online through freelancing. So far my success rate is 100%. Every one of them are making money online now. That makes me feel good. I am especially proud of Shakilah Binte Hasan, Tahmid Mozaffar & Muntasir Mahmud Aumio.
  • Serial entrepreneur. I can’t sit quietly without thinking of the next big business plan! One of my most profitable business is SmallTownKid.net. In June 2012 I established my very own ecommerce business which is doing great Insha Allah! I sold the business in April 2014. Currently I am working on a new type of service in Bangladesh. You can read more about it here.
  • Head hunter. I look for young talents (great business minds, web developers, designers, article writers, social media experts) in Bangladesh to work with. Are you skilled? Please contact me.
  • Affaliate Marketer. Affiliate marketing was a very new concept in Bangladesh even in 2013. To this date, I do not consider myself as an expert affiliate marketer, but I am trying to learn through my mistakes (and the mistakes of others).

What You Can Learn from This Blog

This blog is all about “No Bullshit Guide to Skill Building & Freelancing”

  • How to make money online through freelancing
  • How to make money through affiliate marketing and blogs
  • Freelancing tips and tutorials especially useful for the freelancers in Bangladesh, Philippines, India and Pakistan
  • How to continuesly build and increase your skills
  • Success stories of experienced freelancers that will motivate you
  • Free stuff that will help you to do your freelancing work more effeciently
  • And much more…

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