Just Post an Article & Earn Money Immediately: Review

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Update: I do not endorse this site anymore.

Today I came across an amazing site called Bubblews. I have not tested this site properly yet, but I am amazed by the results so far. It is a simple blogging platform, that pays. The concept is simple…

  • Sign up for free (takes 60 seconds)
  • Write a unique article on any topic (400 characters at least) and submit
  • Watch the dollars being added to your account

The way it works is, you postan article there and the more views, likes and comments you get – the more money is added to your account. I just posted my first article thereĀ and within minutes $1+ dollars were added to my account. I know it is not much, but this is certainly fast. I just have 1 article there and revenue has started to flow. Imagine what would happen when you have more connections and more articles there! You can withdraw money by check or by bank transfer.


So, I would recommend you to visit the site and explore. I will post more detailed review once I know more.

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