How to Get an International MasterCard for Free

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There are many benefits of having an international mastercard in your possession. Some of the key benefits of having an international card are:

  • You can buy products online – like from Amazon, eBay etc
  • You can buy hosting & domain
  • You can publish facebook and google ads without any hassel
  • When you go abroad you can use that card to withdraw cash easily
  • And you can receive money from your clients and also you can pay anyone you hire online

What’s the Problem Then?

In many countries like Bangladesh there are no local companies or banks who provide such services. But there is an easier way to acquire such a card for free.

How Can I Get an International MasterCard?

greatest-credit-cardsJust follow these simple steps and you will be on your way:

Sign up for Payoneer Pre-paid MasterCard(Free): Payoneer is an excellent service which will give you your very own prepaid international mastercard for free. Even better, if you sign up using this link they will give you $25 as a gift. So, go to that link and enter your full name, valid email id, home address, phone number if you love FREE MONEY.

On next step you may require to submit your National ID number, or driving license number or passport number to verify your identity.

After you complete these steps, payoneer will send you your card in a few weeks to the address you have mentioned during the signup process.

Load Money into the Card and Get $25 Free

After you receive the card, you will need to load atleast $100 into your card to get the  $25 gift. You can load the card from any online marketplace like odesk, elance etc or you can use US Payment service like adsence, amazon affiliate program, infolinks etc or you can load the card manually.

So far my experience with payoneer is excellent and they have saved me a lot of trouble. I am sure you will enjoy your payoneer mastercard too!

2 responses to “How to Get an International MasterCard for Free”

  1. Thanks for The Tips :)

    “Payoneer MasterCard” one of the best option i used, whether you are a Designer or Writer or you want to pay someone or transfer funds…etc. it’s easy to use and you can withdraw your money from
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    Get Your Free Payoneer Card Shipped to your door house Here :
    if you Signed Up from the link i provided above you can get 25$ as a Bonus!!

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