Hiring Freelance Writers: Part-Time Job (Guest Post)

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This is a guest post and Asif Irtiza does not have anything to do with hiring or payment for this job

Work at home, no need to go to any office. Serious and energetic writers only. If you think that your written English skill is really good, then feel free to apply.

Job Description:

  • Entry Level: Re-write articles from the source. Little research required. Grammatical error free. Easy to read. No Plagiarism.
  • Mid Level: Extensive research needed. Little source available. Words and article constructions have to be precise.
  • Top Level: No source available. Huge research needed. Able to write top notch articles. specialize on a certain niche


  • Entry Level: $0.6-$1 per article (estimated Tk. 4,000-Tk. 8000 per month)
  • Mid Level: $1-$3 per article (estimated TK. 12,000-Tk.20,000 per month)
  • Top Level: $5-$30 per article (estimated Tk. 45,000-Tk. 70,000 per month)


A Levels (English Medium background is preferable, priority will be given to students of English Department as well)


  • Entry Level: Not necessary
  • Mid Level: 1 year experience in writing for any newspaper, magazine, blogs, etc
  • Top Level: 2 years experience in a Top Newspaper. Written for a blog for at-least 50 posts. Own a blog of your own (PR-7).

If you are interested, please knock at sifatsid@gmail.com (No CV needed)
You will be asked to write a sample article as a test, so that we can evaluate your skills in English.

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