What’s Your Success Rate on oDesk?

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I came up with this cool concept today where you can measure your success rate on oDesk. It is actually pretty simple and this can give you hope and the will to push forward and continue your search for online income. Getting jobs on oDesk might be a little hard. So you may want to track your success rate over time to find out whether your conditions are improving or not.

How Can You Measure Your Success Rate?

Simple. You just need to know the number of jobs you have applied to and the number of jobs you have actually got. Then you should divide the number of jobs by the number of applications to get your success rate. You should do this regularly, maybe once in every 3 months to determine if your success rate is increasing or decreasing.

Log into oDesk > Job Applications > Archived Applications> Click on Any Application

Success Rate on oDesk

Success Rate on oDesk


What is My Success Rate?

I have applied to 728 jobs in total. But I was hired on only 122 jobs. So my success rate is 122/728 X 100 = 16.76%. Note that, even though I make my living through oDesk and Freelancing, my success rate is well below 20%. This means that you have to apply a lot to get hired. Do not be depressed if you are not getting contracts. you just need to keep applying and eventually you will succeed.

What is Your Success Rate?

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