Your Favorite Blog Now Has a Fresh Look

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SmallTownKid Blog is now more user friendly, more stylish and more to the point! (Unfortunately 95% of the blog comments have been deleted in the process as I discarded facebook commenting system and added the inbuilt solution. I will write about that in a seperate post.) How do you like the new look of this site? If you spend a little time around the site you will notice that not only the outer shell but also the focus of this blog has changed a bit. All this time I have been writing only about freelancing tips – trying to help Bangladeshi, Philipino, Indian and Pakistani freelancers. From now on I will also write about making money through affiliate marketing and some other ways which you can use to make money online.

To be honest, I have been experimenting with affiliate marketing for more than a year now. Only recently I have received my second check from amazon affiliate program. ThisĀ inspiredĀ me a lot to try harder. From now on, I will write in this blog tips about affiliate marketing like I have been writing about freelancing tips. I hope you will be able to learn a thing or two from it. I hope you will be able to point out my mistakes too! Really looking forward to the experience.

What do you expect from this blog? Share your thoughts.

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