Top Online Money Making Activities for Bangladesh and South Asia

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If you are thinking about making money online this list of top online money making activities will definitely help you. I have personally used these methods and platforms to secure a healthy monthly income working online. These methods are applicable for people around the world but I will especially recommend these for people from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Philippines.

List of Top Money Makers

Freelancing. From the beginning of this blog I have encouraged everyone to build up skills and start freelancing. I will do this again here, as 80% of my monthly income comes from freelancing. I have written an article about 15+ tips on becoming a better freelancer. You can also get my free ebook titled “51 Tips on Becoming a Better Freelancer“. So, open a free account on oDesk and if you are serious about making money online, I would advice you to go through these articles as they will help you to get started.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing. 10% of my monthly income comes by promoting products from Actually this has the potential to become my number one income source if given the time and hard work it deserves. They provide 4-10% commission for each product sold through your affiliate links. They send out payments through direct bank transfer (for US) and through check. I will write about affiliate marketing in details later. For now, feel free to open up an account at amazon affiliates.

Adsense Publishing. This is maybe the most common way of making money online. The steps are pretty basic – start your own blog, upload genuine content, set up adsense and get paid through check! But keep in mind that it may be a very slow process for most of the bloggers out there. The key to making money through adsense is to have a decent traffic coming to your blog daily.

Infolinks. They turn some of your words inside a blog post into clickable ads. When a visitor hovers over these links, a sponsored link will show up. If they click on it, you get paid. This is another cool way of monetizing your blog. You can create infolinks account as a publisher from here.

Hostmonter Affiliate. Hostmonster is a great web host (all my sites are hosted there) and their affiliate program gives you a huge payment too. You can receive the payment via check. Register for hostmonster affiliate program.

I hope you liked this post. In the future I will write in details about each of these points so that you get a better idea about how to start utilizing these money makers.

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5 responses to “Top Online Money Making Activities for Bangladesh and South Asia”

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  4. Pabel Ahmed says:

    Hey there,
    It’s a great list of earning methods. But I think for beginners, it might be difficult to start with Amazon or Adsense work.

    You know, it requires loads of hard works and times to market a product with higher profit margin.
    So for newbies who are just starting out with Freelancing, I think they should try out something much easier.
    For instance, in this article I have mentioned 5 SIMPLE ways to earn money online from Bangladesh.

    You know, these 5 methods are pretty much easy and would help beginners to kick start their freelancing journey.