How to Make Money Online using Your Blog & Infolinks

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In a lot of countries paypal is not allowed and for this reason a lot of us feel that our scope of making money online is limited. Well, in a sense, that is true but there are countless other ways by which you can receive the money that you make online. For example, if you are from Bangladesh you can still get paid through checks, payoneer mastercard and direct bank wire transfer. Infolinks is one of the top money making services for me who pay through both checks and payoneer. In this post, I will write about how you can make money online very easily (but not very fast) with the help of your infolinks account!

What You Need

  1. A blog, I prefer wordpress blogs as they are very flexible (and I will set your wordpress blog for free)
  2. Infolinks account which is also free

Infolinks is an in-text advertising service. When you install infolinks in your wordpress blog, it will automatically turn a few of the words in your blogpost into clickable links. When a visitor will hover over these links a tooltip will come up, and if they click on it, you will get paid. This is pretty basic and easy enough if you have a steady readership on your blog. Please note that this is a easy way to make some extra money out of your blog, but this is not the fastest way to money money from your blog.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • The more visitors you will have in your blog, the higher the income will be
  • You should keep the number of in-text ads within 6-9. Any more than that and your visitors will start to get annoyed
  • It gets better results if you use 1 underline instead of 2 below infollinks ads (you can customize the look from admin panel of infolinks)
  • Infolinks’ minimum payment threshold is $50
  • You can withdraw through check or payoneer mastercard
  • If you need help installing infolinks in your blog, I will do it for free

So, if you are a blog owner, you can set up infolinks in your blog now and start making more passive income.

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