Good oDesk Overview Examples (2013)

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I have been getting a lot of requests to write about good odesk overview examples. I wrote a similar post last year but as oDesk has changed a lot recently decided to update that post into a new one. In this post I will show you top 3 good odesk profile examples. I hope it will help you in your freelancing career. The deciding factors of choosing these profiles are:

  • Good odesk overview or objective
  • Good profile title
  • Profile Picture
  • Updated portfolio
  • Feedback score and feedback
  • Skill test results

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Great oDesk Web Developer Profile

I like the overview of this oDesk freelancer for many things. For example, he has clearly pointed out the things that make him unique and qualified, he has mentioned his skills (web languages) and interests (ecommerce). Also, he has listed some of his key accomplishments in the odesk profile overview.

Good odesk overview example

Great SEO Freelancer Profile

This profile overview provides a brief idea about the contractor and his expertise.

good odesk overview examples

Great Virtual Assistant Profile

She listed down her expertise and her skillset clearly.

Good Odesk Profile Example

Also, you can read about how you can create a stunning profile on oDesk!

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6 responses to “Good oDesk Overview Examples (2013)”

  1. MorganFleurDeLys says:

    you selected, as an example of a great profile, one with a guy with a cigarette in his mouth?

    • irtiza104 says:

      Yes, you are right. The profile pic is not a good one. It would be best if they used a friendly closeup shot, like the third one. What I wanted to show is the overview part of the freelancer which is really thought-through.

      But yes, overall, it would have been better if I selected a profile with everything in a A+ scale!

      Thanks for the observation. I will make adjustments soon.

  2. shihab says:

    This is very helpful content.I have learn from here.Thanks

  3. Swakhar Sheel says:

    I have learn from here.Thanks

  4. Identix web says:

    This is very helpful content.I have learn from here.Thanks