3 Free Alternatives to Disqus Commenting System for Wordress

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Setting up your wordpress blog is only the beginning of the work (which I will do for you for free!). You then have to find the best options that suit your wordpress blogs. WordPress blogs are the best, but what I find most annoying about them is the constant need to fight against spam. Disqus Commenting System Plugin offers a quick solution against spam and I used to use these plugin in all of my blogs. But recently Disqus changed for the worse and they have started to show all those unwanted links from the web in my blog. So I decided to ditch them and find a better comment plugin. For now I am happy with the solution. Here are the Disqus Alternatives for you:

I love Comment SPAM

Livefyre Comment 3

I am using this plugin at this moment. They offer some spam protection, looks better than the default wordpress commenting system and they also enable social login for the comment form. This plugin also enable you to back up the comments on wordpress, so that you can  still have the comments when you decide to use another plugin later on.


The unique feature about this plugin is that it shows latest article from the commenter beside his comment on your blog. It encourages bloggers to comment on your blog posts. The layout is also very nice of this plugin.

Facebook Comments

This is actually the best free plugin against spam. It may also be helpful for sharing through facebook. But the problem is that it’s bad for search engine optimization. Also, it does not allow you to back up the comments in wordpress. So if you decide to use a different plugin later on, you will lose all the comments created on facebook comment plugin. Anyway, its very easy to set up. You just need to install the official facebook plugin for wordpress and set that up to use it.

Which commenting system do you prefer? What do you do to fight spam? Do you rely on the default wordpress commeting system or Disqus?

5 responses to “3 Free Alternatives to Disqus Commenting System for Wordress”

  1. Pretty Stacie says:

    Thanks a lot for the helpful tips. I have tried this plugin
    for embedding a photo stream on your website. Simple to use and works fast http://wordpress.org/plugins/iframe-embed-for-momentme/.It
    automatically collects images from social events worldwide and its free.

  2. That’s 2 celver by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

  3. Andrey2309 says:

    Check SolidOpinion platform

  4. KajMagnus says:

    I’m developing yet another alternative, namely Debiki Embedded Comments, http://www.debiki.com/embedded-comments

    It’s open source under the AGPL license so you can install it on your own servers. It’s also available as a service. Any feedback would be very welcome :-)

    Now to your questions: I think I’d prefer the commenting I’m developing, actually, because I like the 2D layout and the resulting overview of all replies to the article. Otherwise I think I’d prefer LiveFyre. — I’m wondering if Facebook Comments actually rather much reduces the number of comments, because with Facebook Comments one cannot easily setup an anonymous account. Re spam: I have never fought spam, actually; I have not yet been struck by spam.