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oDesk is a virtual place where employers can post for job offerings and based on the requirements of those offerings, freelancers can apply to be hired for within a short time despite of large geological distances. According to my opinion, oDesk is by far, the best freelancing website available today. However, there are other sites similar to oDesk which are functioning to aid the marketplace of online outsourcing or freelancing. These sites like oDesk are numerous in number, and have their own characteristics as well as aspects in satisfying the demand of job marketplace. In this post, I will be talking about 7 oDesk alternatives, which are worth checking out!

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oDesk Alternatives – Sites Like oDesk

1) Elance:

According to me, this is the best oDesk alternative. Elance is appropriate for the employers who are interested to get their project works done whether on hourly basis or on completed project basis. It is a virtual marketplace some employers count on to get instant access to expert professionals to outsource any job online.

Withdrawal of money: Elance made the payment available to the freelancers’ Elance accounts after deducting the one time account activation fee ($10) and percentage of project budget (ranges from 6.75% to 8.75% based on the project) from the payment.

Withdrawal options:

Outside of U.S.:

  • Paypal
  • Moneybooker
  • Payoneer
  • Wire transfer

2) GetACoder:

An oDesk alternative is GetACoder which aims to provide the employers with proficient services at low labor cost. You can work on the
basis of fixed price project or on hourly payment. You can withdraw money from your GetACoder account only if the account balance is equal or greater than $100. Bangladeshi freelancers can have a go at this website as they offer withdrawals using debit cards, MoneyBookers and direct wire transfer.

They offer the following withdrawal options:

  • GetACoder Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • MoneyBookers
  • Pecunix
  • Wire Transfer

3) Guru.com:

Many contractors and employers count Guru.com as a website like oDesk. Though there are differences in many operational facts, the basic function is same: to be a marketplace for the freelancers and job providers. Guru.com opts to support businesses those are locally based as well as attracting international businesses. If you want to withdraw money from Guru.com you can do so using SafePay if your balance is atleast $200 or you can use direct deposit or paypal if the balance is less than that.

They offer the following withdrawal options:

  • Check
  • Prepaid MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Direct Deposit(US bank accounts only)
  • Wire Transfer(Non-U.S. bank accounts only)

4) Vworker:

Vworker, previously named as Rent-a-coder, is another oDesk alternative. Here, employers pay the contractors on the basis of “pay-for-deliverables” (project based work, most protected option), or “pay-for-time” (hourly job, cheapest and flexible option). In both types of works, Vworker uses AccuTime Card system which takes screenshots of the workers screens and webcams (if available).

Vworker has a lot of options that you can use to withdraw money. Contractor can choose the credit cutoff date and the minimum payout amount, according to which his or her payment is credited into his or her account and made available to withdraw.

Withdrawal options:

  • Payoneer: pre-paid debit/credit card option
  • Payoneer: ACH option
  • Payoneer: direct bank transfer option
  • Snail Mail Check
  • Western Union
  • International Priority Mail
  • Bank to Bank Wire Transfer
  • PayPal

5) Scriptlance:

For website programming, design and writing jobs, Scriptlance is an alternative to oDesk. Because this site is cheaper than other sites, freelancers of lower rates work here. Workers from India, Bangladesh, and Philippines are examples.

Scriptlance charges the programmers $5 or 5% fee (whichever is greater) for winning any project. And withdrawal charge is applied according to the withdrawal options chosen by the freelancers.

Withdrawal options:

  • PayPal
  • Moneybookers
  • Payoneer debit card
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Check (including FedEx delivery)

6) iFreelance:

iFreelance is the website offering the opportunity to meet together for workers and the job providers on the basis of three membership levels (Basic, Silver, Gold) rather than commissions, unlike some other similar sites like oDesk. I would not recommend this website to those who are just starting the freelance business, as registering on this website is not free. But if you are an experienced freelancer with lots of skills, you can go for it!

As iFreelance takes no commission on any project work, they charge only the membership fee for each active freelance profile. And payment from the employers can be made in any method or currency, if both freelancer and the employer are agreed upon that method or currency.

Withdrawal options:

  • PayPal
  • Check/Money Order
  • Provider’s payment system

7) Peopleperhour:

Peopleperhour is a site quite similar to oDesk, except the payment method and some other terms. Like iFreelance, there are three types of accounts (Gold Subscription account, Standard account, Platinum Subscription account) for the freelancers; any one of which is must to be used by them. Though creating any profile is free here, but Gold and Platinum subscription accounts are charged by Peopleperhour to be set up.

Peopleperhour charge service fees on success of the freelancers’ profiles as well as on the profiles’ usage plan.

Withdrawal options:

  • Within the UK: PayPal and Bank Transfer
  • Non-UK: Bank Transfer

Which oDesk alternative or which site like oDesk do you use? Please let us know if you think that we have missed any important websites which are similar to odesk.

This guest post has been written by Sumaiya Afroz. Sumaiya is a professional article writer working at oDesk. She also has experience with web research and search engine optimization.

14 responses to “oDesk Alternatives – 7 Sites Like oDesk”

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  2. Marty Kelleher says:

    Another option not mentioned is http://www.matchist.com.  I was spending a few thousand on development work so I wasn’t about to settle for a low-quality, poor communication, or possible stolen work. Matchist developers are all US-based and vetted to ensure high-quality. I still use oDesk for some routine needs in the $10-$100 range but I keep my bigger projects for matchist.

  3. Rob Rawson says:

    Some of these are a bit out of date now. Sriptlance and vworker were purchased by freelance.com. We started a site http://www.staff.com last year that is focussed on full time work

  4. Emily says:

    I’m a blogger and web developer. I’m on freelance and done already some freelance jobs with those sites- oDesk, Elance and SEOClerks, of the three SEOClerks is far more advance and better, well-established, nice navigation.

  5. this is a nice information, but I prefer to GovSource.com.au, as here I can get government freelance jobs also.

  6. Young Scott says:

    I work on SEOClerks. I tried ODesk, but I just have no time for it at all. I do not like the set up or the pay.

  7. Andy Linden says:

    I’d check out Hubstaff, especially for business owners because their contractors are ones they’ve already worked with so you know they’re skilled and recommended. Plus their time tracking software only tracks when the contractor is working. It ends up being much more affordable than oDesk in the long run.

  8. Ashe says:

    Thanks for this list. I try https://www.codeur.com and is cool too.

  9. umarhayat63 says:

    I think odesk is number one and others are all after odesk.

  10. hugomesser says:

    A new alternative for hiring vetted teams (as opposed to freelancers): http://www.ekipa.co

  11. Alistair Troublesome says:

    Most of these sites don’t exist. Miss Sumaiya Afroz, you better do more research before your next writing task. Check out the sites you’re talking about… For instance, vWorker was integrated into freelancer.com.
    And Elance OWNS oDesk, which is now called upwork. you don’t even know the name of the site where you find work? >.>

    • Brad Jones says:

      This was published in 2011, well before a lot of what you are talking about happened. Before you call someone out check the dates it just makes you look bad

  12. SEO Tips says:

    thank you very much for this post

  13. marta says:

    Thanks for the detailed article! You should have a look to http://www.aog.jobs. AOGJobs – online IT marketplace, where you can find jobs and hire workers at a click. And get highly qualified IT specialists in 24hrs for your IT projects.