How to Open an Account and Use Payoneer to Receive Payments

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In this post I am going to talk about how oDesk freelancers in Bangladesh, Philippines, India, Pakistan can create an account and use Payoneer Mastercard to receive/withdraw money from oDesk.

How to Apply for Payoneer MasterCard

This is one of the fastest ways to receive money from odesk in Bangladesh and Philippines. For this, you will have to open an account on Payoneer from oDesk.

To open an account on Payoneer,

  • Log into your oDesk account
  • Go to Wallet
  • Go to Payment Methods
  • Go to Withdrawals
  • Notice the first one says “Payoneer Debit Card
  • Click on the “Sign Up” button under the in Action column

This should lead you to a special page in Payoneer and you can fill in your details and create an account. To create an account on Payoneer you will need one of these:

  • National ID Card
  • Driving License
  • International Passport

If you don’t have any one of these, you can create an account on your father/mother’s name who has valid IDs. This is an easy process. Once you complete the sign up process, Payoneer will send you a MasterCard within 10-20 days (cool).

From now on you can send funds from your oDesk account to your Payoneer account and use the card in local ATM booths (who accepts MasterCard) to withdraw cash in your currency.

The following charges are applicable in case you are using Payoneer:

  • Monthly card account maintenance $3 ($1 if there are 2+ transactions in a month)
  • Per withdrawal from ATM $2.15
  • Declined ATM withdrawal $0.90
  • Balance inquiry using ATM booth $0.90
  • Online/offline purchase using the card is free
  • Card replacement $12.95

Payoneer is a very convenient way to receive money all around the world. You can also use that card to purchase from shops and make online purchases.

14 responses to “How to Open an Account and Use Payoneer to Receive Payments”

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