20 Beautiful Custom Fonts for Web Designers

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The time of “Times New Roman” has been long gone. Now web designers use variety of custom fonts to spice up their sites, to get the desired look for their websites. In this post I have listed 20 great looking fonts which may be very useful for the web designers like you and me. You can obviously download and use these fonts in your computer too.
20 beautiful free fonts for web designers

By the way, do you know how to use custom fonts in your website?

28 Days Later
28 Days Later is a cool font for web designers/graphic designers to use in headers or logos. Download

28 Days Later Fonts for webdesigners

You can use this font as a standard text in your website or in logos. Download

Advent Fonts for webdesigners

Alexandria FLF
Another sleek looking font for web designers Download

Alexandria Fonts for websdesigners

Downloadaubrey fonts for web designersBitstream Vera Serif

fonts for web designers and graphic designers

Caitlyn is a cool font which looks like it is made out of sticks or ropes. Download

Caitlyn fonts for web designers

Com4T Fine Regular

com4t fineregular fonts for webdesigners

Modern font for creative minds. Download
contemporary v1 fonts for web designers


diavlo fonts for web designer

Eight One
This font is a work in process, which means it will be updated from time to time. Download

Estrya’s Handwriting
Estrya’s Handwriting is a handwritten messy font, which may be used in designing websites, portfolio websites or in opt-in forms. Go crazy! Download

handwritten font for web designers

Eurofurence is another contemporary looking font. Download

FFF Tusj
A scribbled font. Download

Geo Sans Light
This one looks like my favorite font Century Gothic. Download

Grunge Serifia

This is one of my personal favorites. Download


Neo Retro Draw font download for web designers and graphic designers




Go crazy! Use custom fonts in your website and give it a unique look.

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