14 Must Have Tools and Resources for Web Designers

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If you are just starting to shape up as a web designer this post may come in handy as this post has some really cool stuff which are “a must have” for young web designers/developers like you and me. Feel free to check these stuff and learn how they can benefit you and help you to develop your web designing career.

Must Have Tools and Resources for Web Designers

1) CSS Generator
CSS3 Generator is a simple website that allows you to find the right CSS code for the design you have in mind. Again, it is really simple to use, using drop down menus. Really cool application for young web designers.

2) Cross Browser Compatibility Checker
Is your browser fit for all the browsers out there? You can easily find that out with BrowserShots.

3) Free HTML/CSS Templates
You may find it helpful to edit and customize an existing free HTML template rather than creating one completely from scratch. You can edit a free HTML template and give it a completely unique look, that may even surprise you.

4) Free Image Galleries and Slideshows
Image galleries are very useful when you are trying to showcase some images in your website. They are pretty cool and user-friendly as they allow users to easily browse through your images. With slideshows you can present selected information in a neat fashion. Most of the slideshows are lightweight and doesn’t put too much pressure on the server.

5) Free Social Media Icon Set
From Facebook iframe fan pages to complex web sites, no matter what you are trying to develop, you will feel the need for good looking and customized social media icons. In my early days of web designing, I spent a lot of time searching for good quality social media icons which wasted a lot of my time. So just to save time I have created this page where I have listed all the cool free social media icon sets which may come in handy.

6) Free Seamless Tiled Backgrounds for Web Pages
Large images or a full image might look good in a website background. But it slows the loading time of a page down. So personal preference is to use a seamless tiled background graphics which will blend nicely with my website. Here is a collection of some cool seamless titled backgrounds for web pages.

7) Free WYSIWYG Editor: Alternatives to Dreamweaver
First of all, when it comes to HTML editors or WYSIWYG editors, there is no clear alternatives to Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is the best software available. So I really think that you should get yourself a copy of this great tool. However, there are some alternatives to Dreamweaver which may also get things done for you.

8) Spam Protection
ReCAPTCHA is a popular program to stop spam and keep your website “clean”. ReCAPTCHA is absolutely free and you can get it from their website. There are a few other spam protectors like Securimage and HN CAPTCHA.

9) Free Font Collection for Web Designers
There used to be a time when we had only a handful of fonts to work with. But now the collection of fonts are almost endless and web designers have the ability to go crazy with custom fonts in their websites. My favorite websites for free fonts are DaFont, UrbanFonts and 1001FreeFonts. Here is a list of 20 free custom fonts for web designers. Do you know how to use custom fonts in a website?

10) Free Video Players for Your Website
Video content is now one of the most common, standard features of a website. You can decide to add the video to youtube and embed that video on your website. But if you want, and you may need to host videos on your server and use your own video player to present the video. That’s why getting the right video player which goes well with the overall look of your site is crucial.

11) The Good Ol’ “Lorem Ipsum”
If you develop themes and templates, you must need dummy text. There is a good chance that you already know about “Lorem Ipsum” but I’m going to write about it anyway as this is the most common dummy text used by web and graphic designers. You can grab endless lorem ipsum from their website.

12) Free Call-To-Action Button Generator
Super Conversion Buttons is a great free tool that lets your design a customized call-to-action button in seconds. It has 8 redesigned templates and you can pick almost any text and color.

13) Free Favicon Generator
You can create favicon ico images for free from DynamicDrive. You can upload an existing image and turn it into a favicon. This website also shows information about how to install the favico.

14) CSS Color Chart
I use Photoshop to find out the HTML color code for a color. But if you dont have Photoshop, you can try this color chart to find the HTML color code. It can take some time but it is effective.

Did you like this post? Did I miss any essential web designing tools or resources? Please feel free to share your views with us.

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