Odesk Test Answers: oDesk Readiness Test Answers

Posted In: Freelancing on Mar, 20 2011 | 4 Comments

Here you will find the oDesk test answers to the oDesk Readiness Test which is almost a mandatory test that you will have to give on oDesk. If you don’t, your application quota will never rise above 2 per week. So I strongly advice that you take part and pass this oDesk Readiness Test.
Please remember that cheating is not a shortcut to success. Cheating will only result in a short career. Also remember that if you cheat, it will be unfair to others who won’t. So, I strongly advice that you do not cheat on any exam and just try to pass it with fair means.
While every other test on oDesk requires 50% marks to pass that oDesk test, oDesk Readiness Test requires 100% correct answers to pass. It is really easy to pass the test. All you need to do is use your common sense and maybe read the Terms of Service of oDesk or oDesk Guidelines. Anyways, I will be posting the extremely easy answers to the oDesk Readiness Test here. Please download the oDesk Test Answers from here: oDesk Readiness Test Answers
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