Secrets to My Success on oDesk

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First a Little Bragging

I have been working on oDesk as a freelance contractor for over a year now (Got my first job on July 12, 2010). But in this short period I have scored over 100 contracts and logged over 900 hours. If I include the hours of the fixed price jobs and the contracts outside of oDesk then my total hours worked on as a freelancer will be more than 2000 which is equivalent to 250 work days (8 hours a day = 1 work day) or 10 months (25 working days in a month). But in these 250 days or 10 months I have made more money than most traditional job holders, with a masters degree, of Bangladesh would earn in two and a half years.

I helped many people opening an account on oDesk and getting their first job but I have seen even more people joining oDesk but failing soon after. Compared to that, I’d like to address my little ventures on oDesk “a success”. Would I be too wrong?

In this post I will discuss my secrets behind the success on oDesk. This post may answer

  • How did I get my first job;
  • How do I keep getting jobs;
  • How my feedback score is on the better side (5 out of 5)?

Secrets to My Success on oDesk


This is by far the most important thing when you want success. This is very basic, but I have seen most people giving up just because their first few job applications were rejected, that’s why I am writing this point. I was patient. And in the end my patience paid off!

Keep Applying to Jobs

It’s very unlikely that your first job application on oDesk will earn you a job. You have to keep trying and keep applying to all those right jobs, keeping some basic things about applying to jobs in mind. You have to remember that getting the first jobis always the hardest. Once you get the first job, it should be easy from there. I remember my first job was worth $1.10 in total and now I get paid about $16/hour.

Cover Letter is the Key

I have tried with a few formats for the cover letter. Employers’ response to each one was different. But my current cover letter has brought me more success than any previous ones. I have seen some people who just copy-paste their one cover letter to every job without thoroughly reading the job posting. I have avoided this, and I have found success. To succeed on oDesk, you have to know how to write a stunning cover letter.

Laying Out a Good Profile

I have spent a fair amount of time laying out the content of my contractor profile. I have thought about each point and how it would appear in the minds of my future employers. You have to set up a unique profile on oDesk to catch the employers’ attention.

Passing oDesk Skill Tests

I try to give as much oDesk skill tests as possible. This way I can certify my skills and present it in front of the employers.

Doing the Jobs Sincerely

I have never taken a job lightly. oDesk is not a silly matter. Someone is paying me to help him out and that is exactly what I did. You have to be honest and you have to pay attention to the quality of your service. 10 things to remember while doing your first job

Getting Good Feedback

As I did my job properly I received good feedback and feedback score almost always. Feedback score is very important to get jobs on oDesk.

Getting Retained Clients

I received more job offerings from the people I have worked on the past projects, than from new clients. You have to build a healthy work relationship with your clients so that they keep you in their “handy-man” lists.
I think these are all my secrets behind my success on oDesk. These things worked for me. These ones or some others may work for you. If you get even a little fraction of guidance from my blog I’d be really happy. Please let me know what works for you.

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