17+ Tips on How to Become a Better Freelancer

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oDesk is one of the best online freelancing websites out there and it is my favorite one. It allows you and me to work online and make a good monthly income. People all around the world, especially people from Asia (Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan etc) are involved in this internet revolution and if you are reading this, I am sure that you are/want to be a part of it too. Through this blog I will help you to get to know oDesk and online freelancing a little bit better. To help you I have prepared a lot of how-to guides and tutorials. You can check out the following articles to find out all there is to know about oDesk and making money online through freelancing.

General Articles about Freelancing:

Getting Started Tutorials and Articles:

Skill Building & Specialization

Withdrawal System Related Articles

Upcoming oDesk Tutorials:

  • How to Apply to Jobs on oDesk
  • Your Guide to oDesk Skill Tests: Wiki
  • How to Establish Yourself as a Specialist on oDesk
  • How to Fill Up Your oDesk Profile Feilds

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4 responses to “17+ Tips on How to Become a Better Freelancer”

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