How to Write a Stunning Cover Letter on oDesk

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I’ve done more than 50 contracts on oDesk in the last 5 months, and I still believe that cover letter is the best way to sell your services to your employers! Cover letter is the first communication that you will have with your future employer and we all know how important first impressions are.

Cover letter is the first thing that a buyer sees when he/she reviews your job application. So you have to plan and layout your cover letter very attentively before you decide to apply to the job.

Things to remember while writing a cover letter:

  • Apply to those jobs which you can complete
  • Don’t lie
  • Don’t be hesitant about your abilities. If you cannot trust your skills, how can you expect your employer to trust on your skills?
  • Be aggressive but polite.
  • Don’t lengthen the cover letter by adding unnecessary information. If the employer asked you to show examples of your graphical work, there is no need to write about your blogging skills.
  • Modify each cover letter according to the job specifications. Don’t use the exact same letter for all of your job applications.
  • Don’t be boring. I have seen any cover letters which are really boring. I can almost guarantee you that if you write a stunning cover letter, even if the employer doesn’t hire you, he/she will definitely interview you.

Below is a rough format of the cover letters I use. I recommend this format as this is both aggressive and to-the-point at the same time.



I am a (something expert) and I’d like to offer my services to you for this project.

Why you will hire me?

(Bullet points specifying why you are the best candidate for this specific job. This area covers only the job specific skills. For example if the employer is looking for an article write who can write search engine optimized articles, here you will point out that you can write SEO articles.)

(This paragraph will discuss your job related experience and your efficiency, like feedback score, hours worked, specialty etc. This is the paragraph where you try to sell yourself, in a gentle but authoritative/confident manner of course. For example, here you will mention your overall blogging experience and competence. Try to show the employer what he/she will get if he hires you.)

I’d like the opportunity to discuss this job further with you and start immediately if given the chance. (In this paragraph you will indirectly ask the buyer to take your interview.)

Thank you

(Your first name)

P.S. (Here you will point out the job related portfolio of your work, the better ones.)


I hope this will help you in getting more jobs. But please keep in mind that oDesk tests, profile content, profile picture these are also very important for getting your first job. Once you have your first job, it’s an easy ride from there.
Remember, this is the cover letter that I use. You can always change it or add things to it. Let me know what works for you.
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