How to Get Your First Job on oDesk: 7 Step Guide

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Earning a good monthly income from working at home is cool, fun and convenient. That’s why many people in Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Pakistan etc have turned to online freelancing sites such as oDesk. As I always say, even though there are many freelancing websites out there, oDesk is the best. In this post I am going to talk about how to get your first job on oDesk and start making money online.

How to Get Your First Job on oDesk

I have seen many people who have created an account on oDesk but who have failed to get their first job. Depressed and bored, they soon stop trying to get a job on oDesk. I have pointed out some tips for you so that the same doesn’t happen to you. Here are my advices to you which may help you to get your first job on oDesk.

1) Set Your Mind

First of all you have to choose a line/sector in which you want to work. For example if you are good at writing English articles, you can target writing jobs. If you are good in graphics/web designing you can target the related job markets. You cannot aim at everything out there. You have to pick a niche and you have to develop your skills and profile according to it. I personally target 2 markets which are graphics designing and web designing.

2) Create a Unique Profile

Create a mind blowing on the topic profile on oDesk keeping your desired job market in mind. Make sure your profile completeness is equal or more than 90% before you start to apply for jobs. Your profile is one of the few most important things that will ensure your first job on oDesk. How to create a unique profile on oDesk? Remember to give brief description of each point in your odesk profile. You can check out the examples of great oDesk profiles or read about how to fill up the profile fields.

3) Take oDesk Skill Tests

Let’s get serious. ODesk offers you some serious money. You cannot expect to get paid without doing anything. You have to take oDesk skill tests in order to show off your skills to your future employers. Tests on oDesk are free and extremely helpful for getting jobs. First take “oDesk Readiness Test” and then take as many tests as you like. You can take Photoshop tests, HTML tests, Blogging tests, Social Media Marketing tests, Windows XP tests and 3000+ other tests. But I will advice you to take the following tests which will boost your online career:

oDesk Readiness Test
Basic English Test
English Spelling Test
(Job related tests such as blogging, web designing, graphics design etc)

If you pass the tests the results will be displayed on your profile which will add value to your profile in the employers’ mind. You can take tests anytime you wish. If you fail a test, you can retake the test immediately. If you pass it, you will have to wait for 1 month, if you want to try it again for better scores.

4) Apply to Jobs Carefully

Once you have created your profile and passed a few tests, it’s time to look for suitable jobs. There are thousands of job on oDesk waiting to you, but you have to choose and apply to jobs carefully. Apply to jobs only if you believe that you can complete those jobs with 100% client satisfaction. You also need to avoid employers who look suspicious in their job offering. I have worked with many employers and luckily I have never been scammed, but I hear that there are many scammers on oDesk. So be careful. Play close attention to employer’s rating and the state of his paying method. Personally, I avoid the employers those have “Payment method not verified” written on their status. Anyway, once you have located the perfect job for you, APPLY! Tips for applying to jobs on oDesk.

5) Cover Letter is THE KEY!

Cover letter is the single most important thing that can get you your first job. No matter how great your profile or test results are, I believe that your chances of getting a job is very slim if you write your cover letter poorly. Write your cover letters attentively, carefully and intelligently. Cover letter is the kind of marketing that helps you to sell your services to the client. Make sure your cover letter is on the topic and detailed enough. Please don’t make it boring though. Make sure you read the job offering carefully and then write the cover letter. How to write a stunning cover letter on oDesk?

6) Nothing Happens on the Interview

If the employer has responded to your job application, it will be counted as an interview. From my experience I can tell that if the employer decides to take your interview, it’s really possible that he will give you the job too, if you don’t mess things up really bad! Don’t be nervous about the interview. Be initiative in your interview. Ask the employer when you can start the job and show him what you plan to do for him in details.

7) Keep Trying, Keep Applying

Don’t lose your hope if you don’t get a job within 1 week or month. Getting your first job on oDesk or anywhere in the work is the toughest and you have to be patient about it. Keep applying for all the right jobs and I’m sure that you will score your first job very soon.

By the way, do you know how to create an account on oDesk as a freelancer?


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