How to Create a Unique Profile on oDesk

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Getting your first job on oDesk depends much on the quality of your profile page. Actually you need to maintain a good profile and update it regularly if you want to build your career as an online freelancer on oDesk. In this post you will see some guidelines about how you can set up a unique and quality contractor profile on oDesk.(Don’t know how to create an account as a freelancer? Read this.) You can check out some examples of great oDesk profiles. First let’s see how we can edit our contractor profile.

Step 1: Go to Your oDesk Homepage

Step 2: Click on the “User-name” Icon

Look for a button on the upper right corner, named after your user name. It will take you on the backend of your profile. You may need to enter your login details at this stage.

Step 3: Click on the “My Contractor Profile” Button

Step 4: Fill in the Required Fields
Here you will find many sections which you can fill up to increase your profile’s completeness and update your profile.
Here are the tips about how to create a unique profile on oDesk.

1. Try to have an atleast 90% complete profile before you start applying to jobs. (How to write a stunning cover letter?)

2. Update your profile regularly, especially your portfolio. Whenever you successfully finish a project make sure that you update that information in your portfolio. Portfolio is very important in the mind of the employer.

3. Be detailed but precise. There are lots of fields available to you to fill up on the profile page. Make sure that you fill up each box with appropriate information. Give details about your skills, portfolio items, education etc. Try to uplift your value in the eyes of your employers through your oDesk profile.

4. Use a clear and pleasant profile picture. Try to seem friendly on the picture.

5. Your “objective” should be about how you want to establish yourself on oDesk working as a freelancer. Keep it short but to the point.


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