Example of Great oDesk Contractor Profiles

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I have written an updated post here: Good oDesk Over View Examples (2013)
In this post I will show you some great looking and effective contractor profiles on oDesk. Laying out your contractor profile on oDesk is very important to get your first job or any future job. I hope these examples will help you to fill up your oDesk profile too. You can point out the best parts about these profiles and make your own which will be better. Best of luck.

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Example 1: Data Entry Professional
I loved the “resume” part of her odesk profile the most. In her “skills” section she has demonstrated her skills by showing job experiences and related information. She has also taken a lot of tests which is a good thing.


Example 2: Project Manager
I really liked the “Objective” of her odesk contractor profile. It gives a buyer a straight answer to what he/she might get if they hire her.

 Example of Great oDesk Contractor Profiles

Example 3: Technical Writer

You can look at her “skills” tab. Both her objective and her skills are set up nicely. She has also passed a fair amount of related tests which is great.

Example of Great oDesk Contractor Profiles

Bonus Example: Web/Graphics Designer

My odesk profile is not yet as good as it should have been but I try to keep it neat and clean. I always update my portfolio items and skills.

Asif Irtiza Hussain Freelancer

I hope this post has helped you. If you don’t know yet, then you can read “How to Fill Up Your oDesk Profile Fields”.

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