5 Tips for Applying to Jobs on oDesk

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I suppose by now you all have created an account on oDesk and have a basic idea of how to get your first job on oDesk and start making money online. In this post I will point out 5 tips for applying to jobs on oDesk, as this is really important.


Tip#1: Read the Job Posting Carefully

Make sure that you read the job posting thoroughly before applying to jobs. It is very important that you read the whole posting and understand what the employer wants from you, before you click on the apply button. Reading it attentively helps you to write a better cover letter and it also reduces the chances of applying to job which you will not be able to complete.


Tip#2: Will You Be Able to Complete the Job?

Don’t waste your application quota on the jobs which you are not confident about. Always make sure that if you get the job, you will be able to finish it with 100% satisfaction from the employer. Suppose that after being hired, you find out that you will not be able to complete the job properly, you will get a bad feedback score on oDesk and your chances of getting a second job with a bad feedback score will be really slim.


Tip#3: What is the Employer’s Status?

ODesk is not just about the integrity and efficiency of the freelance contractors, it’s also about the honesty of the employers/buyers. You need to look at the employers’ payment status, feedback score, feedbacks etc. I almost never apply to those employers who have an unverified payment method and low feedback score. You also need to look at how many job posting he made and how many hires took place. If the difference is more than 1:3 normally I don’t apply to those jobs.


Tip#4: Don’t Apply If there are Too Many Applicants Already

I don’t find it efficient enough to submit a job application to a job posting which already has 250 applicants. You have a highest job application quota of 20 per week. Why waste one on a job, where your chances of getting it are 0.4%? Unless you are really sure that you are the best among these 250 applicants, look for a different job to apply to.



Tip#5: Pay Close Attention to the Average Bid

Each job posting will show you the average bid of the freelance applicants, also the average bid of the applicants who are being interviewed by the buyer/employer. To get your first job, I would suggest that you place your bid below the average bid. No one trusts a new freelancer with ZERO work experience. So you need to give the employer the motivation to hire you by demanding a lower service charge.

After all these analysis you will now be ready to apply to the job by writing a mind-blowing cover-letter. Read here about how to write a stunning cover letter.

Do you follow any other strategies? Please share those with us…


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