How to Open an Account on oDesk as a Freelancer

Posted In: Freelancing on Nov, 25 2010 | 14 Comments

Odesk is one of the best websites to work as an online freelancer and earn money working online. If you want to earn money online through freelancing, oDesk is the best option to do so. Here is the step by step guide to how to open or create an account on oDesk as a freelancer.

Step 1: Visit the Registration Page of oDesk

Step 2: Click on the Create an Account Button

Step 3: Choose Freelance Contractor

Step 4: Fill Up your Details

Step 5: Verify

Once you have filled up your details and submitted the information, you will be sent to a new page. Here you will see 4 options which you will need to go through. You will need to verify your email address, select which job categories interest you the most etc. When selecting the job categories, make sure that you tick all the fields which interest you. Remember that you can always change the given information later on.

Step 6: Apply for a Job

This is basically it about creating an account on oDesk as a Freelancer. Now you can apply for jobs and start earning money online working as an online freelancer on oDesk.

Best of luck.

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