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Freelancing is a wonderful and effective way to earn money online. With the help of freelancing, you and I can make a great living and earn a lot. In this post I will share the details about some websites who offer freelancers to work and earn online. I will also describe why you should think about starting your part time/full time career as a freelancer.

Why Become a Freelancer?

Obviously the most common and obvious reason is “money”. You can earn a healthy monthly income from your home working on your computer. If I speak for myself, I am making more money online, working as a freelancer than I ever thought I would. I am making more than what I hoped to earn after graduation. I know many others who are also working as a freelancer and making enough to support themselves as well as their families.

Freelancing has many other benefits too:

  • The work hours are flexible and you can work whenever you want.
  • Due to economic differences among nations, the contractors from the middle-east, south-Asia and Asia can earn a lot.
  • Your management skills get better. You learn to work under a tight deadline, you learn about time-management and working with others. This is very important in the “real” job market too.
  • You can create profitable work relations across the national border which is very important. If you can create and maintain a good relation with your clients, it is very likely that they will be interested in becoming a potential investor at one of your businesses in your country. They might help you establishing your own business.

15+ Tips on How to Become a Great Freelancer

Some Great Freelancing Platforms

According to me, oDesk is the best freelancing website that I have ever seen. I am a freelance contractor at oDesk and more than 98% of my online earnings come from working as a freelancer at oDesk. It is a great place for people who are seeking part-time and full time jobs, and also for people who are seeking to hire freelancers to work on their projects. There are 850,000 contractors (freelancers) working on oDesk and if you are thinking about working online, you must join odesk too. ODesk is absolutely free and there are tons of jobs available for you to do. If you are confused about how to register an account with them, here is a guide about how to open an account on oDesk.

If you are looking for alternatives of oDesk, here is a list of 7 oDesk Alternatives.

Best of luck to you all new freelancers out there. Let me know about your success stories too. Say what you think in the comment box below…

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